Queer Bash May 19 – July 1, 2023

Guest Curator: Andy Warner

Artists: Delzius, Ivy Hazard, Jasper Berehulke, Lara Therrien Boulos, Maureen Long, Nico McGiffin, Shay Gavina

Here are a few ways to keep the conversation going after you visit Queer Bash.


  • Who is Doug Collins?

Andy Warner explains a bit more about Doug Collins in this North Shore News article by Nick Labo. Four year ago, Paul Sullivan briefly writes about Doug Collins in this North Shore News opinion piece.

  • Qmunity has many education resources that can be easily downloaded, from a simple guide for adopting gender-neutral universal washrooms, to a QTBIPOC Youth Road Map, to safety in relationship for trans folk.
  • Becoming Education & Advocacy provides currant, comprehensive fact-based information on topics of sexual health, consent and 2SLGTBQ+ identities. They have resources for parents, caregivers, educators, and more.
  • Trans Rights of BC aims to disseminate human rights information that is accurate, accessible, and relevant to the safety and well-being of trans and gender-diverse individuals and their supportive allies across British Columbia




  • Take a workshop as an individual, or have your work/organization participate as a group through Qmunity or Transfocus