About North Van Arts

Our mandate is to enable emerging and professional artists in all disciplines, bridge cultures and build strong & healthy communities through the arts.

An arts and heritage millennium project that commemorates and links 12 historically significant sites with interpretive prints.

Everyday we walk or drive in our community and yet we see only the surface. We are blessed to live in a beautiful environment and we see it change all the time. Our community has a story to tell, our environment has a story to tell, our artists have a story to tell, and for the millennium, we celebrated our stories and shared history.

Visions of the North Shore was a major tri-municipal millennium project in partnership with the Canada Millennium Partnership Program and British Columbia Community Spirit Program, embracing the new millennium through heritage and visual arts collaboration. It celebrates 12 sites that have significant historical, natural, and cultural relevance to the North Shore. Twelve print artists created an original work reflecting a site that has personal significance to each.

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