About North Van Arts

Our mandate is to enable emerging and professional artists in all disciplines, bridge cultures and build strong & healthy communities through the arts.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! To view a complete list of detailed volunteer position descriptions, see this page. Stay updated on social media by following @NorthVanArts.




  • Bringing North Van Arts’ news and print materials to our community in whichever region you choose (depending on changing needs) 
  • Sharing @NorthVanArts activities and initiatives online via your personal social media platform(s) to assist with extending North Van Arts’ reach for charitable initiatives, calls for artists, and more
  • Following our community members on social media (if applicable)


  • Volunteers with cars/accessible transportation are great at distributing materials farther than CityScape Community Art Space. However, if mobility is an issue due to accessibility needs, we would love for you to distribute information online or in your personal networks to assist with our social media approach
  • Ability to socialize with all members of the artistic community (speakers of multiple languages are often helpful) 
  • Interest or passion for the arts, in any discipline
  • Commitment to punctuality, equal respect, and to growing awareness of our mission statement, helping us implement it 


  • Hours vary and are flexible. You must visit to pick up materials once a month and distribute to your agreed upon region

You Might Be…

An art-savvy individual who loves engaging with those who have questions about North Van Arts |  A natural salesperson with knowledge and experience in promoting local artists’ work | An emerging or new member of the community who wants to learn about art at their own pace |  A student needing volunteer hours who may be interested in a career in arts (as practicing artists or arts administrators) | A senior looking to re/connect with their community and give their time charitably on a regular basis  

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