About North Van Arts

Our mandate is to enable emerging and professional artists in all disciplines, bridge cultures and build strong & healthy communities through the arts.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! To view a complete list of detailed volunteer position descriptions, see this page. Stay updated on social media by following @NorthVanArts.




  • Co-Hosting North Van Arts Facebook Events to share them with a greater reach. 
  • Potentially staging works in The Shop or other initiatives run by North Van Arts and photographing them for promotional purposes, focused for social media. 
  • Potentially photographing events and documenting the interactions made between people attending, artists and their community, our staff and our local politicians, etc. Often at CityScape Community Art Space, but it may change. 
  • Potentially creating content on a regular basis for each program run by NVA. 


  • Sizing images to exact and current social media standards for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linked In, etc. 
  • Ability to socialize with all members of the artistic community (speakers of multiple languages are often helpful) 
  • Existing experience in photography, digital or analogue, and/or content creation.
  • Commitment to punctuality, equal respect, and to growing awareness of our mission statement, helping us implement it 


  • Flexible, dependent on North Van Arts’ needs.

You Might Be…

A natural photographer with knowledge and experience in promoting local artists’ work | A student needing volunteer hours who may be interested in a career in arts (as practicing artists or arts administrators) | 

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