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from shangri la to shangri la by Ken Lum

Municipal Election 2018
North Vancouver Arts, Culture, Heritage

Candidate’s Responses:
ZoAnn Morten
Candidate for Councillor, District of North Vancouver

Cultural Impact

1.As a candidate, what are your views on the roles that arts, culture and heritage can play in North Vancouver?

I feel these roles bring us together as community. Help to share our backgrounds whether with someone from a different culture or from our own. They give us the chance to express ourselves and find freedom, in movement, brush strokes or in our minds.

2. How would you describe the impact of the cultural sector on our community?



3. Do you know how much the North Vancouver municipalities invest in the arts? Would you commit to advocating for an increase in that cultural investment for arts, culture, and heritage to build cultural capital in our community?

It is hard to pinpoint costs as we have capital costs and operating expenses. I will watch the finance plan with interest, the arts, culture and heritage pieces are in the financial plan (budget ) for 2019 – 2023.

Cultural Spaces

4. Will you work to ensure access to affordable, sustainable cultural spaces for artists and arts organizations? Please provide details.

I love that anyone can enter the DNV municipal hall and see first class art displays at anytime. George Orr: The Bridge will be coming to The Polygon and one can see it by making a donation, this keeps it affordable for all. Come early to get a good seat!

Cultural Identity & Heritage

5. How important is it that North Vancouver residents understand the stories/history of their community and can access the places where these stories are explored?

Oh this is so very, very important. People need to have a sense of place, ground themselves in history and embrace the future

6. Given the development of high density neighbourhoods, how can North Vancouver support the retention, renovation, and reuse of historic and/or heritage building, structures, or places?

Maplewood Farm, Seymour Demonstration Forest. Loutet Park and such would make for great spaces for “village” type historic placements.

Cultural Tourism

7. Do you support regional cultural initiatives between the District of West Vancouver, City of North Vancouver and District of North Vancouver that promote arts and heritage on the North Shore, including the North Shore Cultural Mapping project?

With social media and everyone having web page based opportunities to share “What’s going on across our North Shore” it makes sense and is easy to support each others’ initiatives.

8. How do you propose to improve cultural tourism in North Vancouver?

As mentioned above we can make better use of our social media to support tourism initiatives to share our culture and to support our local businesses.

 Local Priorities

9. North Vancouver has not updated their cultural plan since 2002.  Would you support work to update the cultural strategy?

Could the N Van Arts Council take the first step and produce a “straw dog” report?


10. Please describe how you personally engage in the cultural life of your community.

I am fully engaged in the Streamkeepers, environment culture :>) we map and monitor our local waterways and work with amazing artists like Ron den Daas as he takes what he has learned in our local waters and creates paintings, books, murals and flags to promote the care and concern for our natural environment. Exploring our art pockets across the North Shore with our grandkids is always a treat.

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