About Exhibitions

Exhibitions encourage public engagement, bridging cultures and building strong communities through the arts.

Anonymous Art Show Opening Night 

How it Works

  • We have seen people line up as early as 5 pm.
  • The first person in the line at the door is the first person to purchase artwork
  • Our friendly volunteers will serve cider & hot chocolate to the line up starting at 6 pm (generously provided by our neighbourhood Starbucks at 3rd and Lonsdale)
  • Doors open at 7 pm.
  • As you enter the gallery, you will receive a numbered program.
  • As you visit the exhibition, use the program to write the number of the artwork, the wall name (they’re all named after reindeer) and a brief description of the piece.  You may take a picture of the desired work. 
  • The person holding program #1 is the first to purchase.  We proceed by grouped numbers throughout the evening, calling groups of numbers and carrying a sign through the gallery so you can see when it is your turn to purchase.
  • All artwork is $100 each (+ PST =$107).
    50% of the sale goes to the artist, 50% goes to North Van Arts
    We accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa, Visa debit and Mastercard.

Opening Night special – buy a work of Anonymous Art and a You Are Here 2019 calendar for $120 (includes tax – save $7)

We offer complimentary coat check and a cash bar all evening.

As a registered charity, we are happy to accept donations, and will issue a tax receipt for any donation of $20 or more.  This exhibition is our most important fundraiser of the year.  To find out what your donation can do, read on…