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Art in the Garden 2018 Tour Details

All gardens open 12-5pm Saturday and Sunday.
Music schedule varies, see times listed with each garden below.

Garden #1 

415 North Oxley Street, West Vancouver
Garden#1 Kristin McCahon




I need my sunglasses by Mariana Sola Impressions of Baker by Meghan Spence

Gardener: Kristin McCahon
Artists:  Mariana Sola, Meghan Spence
Music: 12:30-2:30pm
Natasha D’Agostino & David Blake (Saturday) – Soulful contemporary jazz
Blue Bird Day (Sunday) – Jazz & pop

Garden #2

2660 Queens Avenue, West Vancouver

Garden 2 Lois & Peter Woolley

Lake+ by Virginia Douglas Tranquility by Teresa Wegrzyn Dicks Deluxe (detail) by Jeff Wilson

Gardener:  Lois & Peter Woolley
Artists:  Virginia Douglas, Teresa Wegrzyn, Jeff Wilson
Music:  1:00-3:00pm
Six Figures Trio, Pop, RnB & jazz

Garden #3

1155 20th Street, West Vancouver


Gardener: Don Robertson
Artists:  Riitta Peirone, Dianna Burns
Music: 1:30-3:30pm
Thad Bailey-Mai & Parker Woods  – Timeless jazz classics

Garden #4

955-20th Street, West Vancouver


Gardener: Lesley Hobbs
Artists: Lesley Hobbs, Guity Novin
Music:  1:30-3:30pm
Double Treble- Harp & flute

Garden #5

1430 Palmerston Avenue, West Vancouver


Gardener: Jacqueline Gijssen
Artists:   Adriana Zuniga, Maria Josenhans, Creative Stages
Music: 2:00-4:00pm
The Land of Deborah – Sweet acoustic musings

Garden #6

5629 White Pine Lane, North Vancouver

Gardener: Marliese Eilers
Artists: Marliese Eilers, Mohammad Reza Atashzad
Music:  2:30-4:30pm
Ricardo Pequenino – Pop, jazz & blues

Garden #7

5570 Woodpecker Place, North Vancouver


Gardener: Anita Morse
Artists: Anita Morse, Robert Reid
Music:  3:00-5:00pm
Pancho & Sal aka Rio Samaya – Latin guitar & vocals

Garden #8

3825 St. Georges Avenue, North Vancouver

Garden 8 - Mel Bruchet

art by Linda Waverley Luminescence by Monica Gewurz

Gardener: Melvin Bruchet
Artists: Linda Waverley, Monica Gewurz
Music: 3:00-5:00pm
Kim Lorene – Enchanting folk songstress

Garden #9

443 East Windsor Road, North Vancouver

G 9 Donna Oseen

Bowl by Guy Hollington In Milan by Sandrine Pelissier Snow at Maplewood by Elfi Redpath

Gardener: Donna Oseen
Artists: Sandrine Pelissier, Guy Hollington, Elfi Redpath
Music: 2:30-4:30pm
HotHouse Trio – Jazz

Garden #10

1731 Torquay Avenue, North Vancouver

Garden 10 - Myrna Pearce

art by Dominique Walker Blossom in Spring by Jane Dhen

Gardener: Myrna Pearce
Artists: Dominique Walker, Jane Yan Chen
Music: 2:00-4:00pm
Mind Offline – Combination of pop, folk, and Latin jazz

Garden #11

338 East 14th Street, North Vancouver

G 11 Christine Hood

plates by Christine Hood Embracing Chaos by Sue Bayley

Gardener: Christine Hood
Artists: Christine Hood, Sue Bayley
Music: 1:30-3:30pm
Caryn Slade Trio – Steamy classic & Latin jazz

Garden #12

106-510 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver

G12 - Quayside Gardens

hand painted umbrella Liz Burnett art by Neil MacDonald

Gardeners: Quayside Gardens
Artists: Liz Burnett, Neil MacDonald
Music: 1:30-3:30pm
Don Strom & Juhli Conlinn – Classic guitar & pop piano

Garden #13

2036 Hill Drive, North Vancouver

G13 Rob Cousins

art by Rob Cousins Gastown by Saeedah Pourbozorgi

Gardener: Rob Cousins
Artists:  Rob Cousins, Saeedeh Pourbozorgi
Music: 1:00-3:00pm
Julia Spitale – Pop & folk

Garden #14

829 Fairway Drive, North Vancouver

G14 - Delphia Johnstone

Whale Tale by Michelle McCutchon Currents of Change by Tiffany Reid art by Cathy Roddie

Gardener: Delphia Johnstone
Artists:  Michelle Mccutchon, Tiffany Reid, Cathy Roddie
Music:  12:30-2:30pm
The Grand Trine – Unique lively jazz