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North Shore Culture Compass Listings

Please complete the form on the North Shore Culture Compass to add a listing. If you are submitting information to update an asset already listed on the map, submit that by email to culturecompass@northvanarts.ca.


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Event Listing

If you organize a Cultural Event on the North Shore, there are two ways to list on the North Shore Culture Compass:

1. if your event is a recurring, annual event, you can list the event overview and description as a cultural asset that will be on the map year-round for maximum visibility

2. events that are one-time only or specific information for this year’s edition of your event can be listed as a seasonal event, with specific dates, location, information.  These listings will be removed from the map after the event end date.


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Definitions, Categories, Criteria for listing and promoting events on the North Shore Culture Compass is at the links above.


What is a ‘Cultural Asset’?

cultural asset is something that has value because of its contribution to a community’s creativity, knowledge, traditions, culture, meaning, and vitality. They can be the places you visit to express your cultural identity, and/or the resources one uses to pursue a creative practice. If you are unsure if your listing should be on the map, please read through the categories and criteria.


For privacy reasons, we will not include individual artists who are located or work out of a private residence with one exception. Locations such as artist studios based on or in a private residence, where there are regular operating hours open and accessible to the public may be considered. Note we also require written permission from the owner of the residence (subject to review and approval) in order to be approved.

Artists may be listed in association with an existing asset, be included in keywords that are searchable by users, and/or be featured as part of a festival or event listing. Artists may choose to form a collective, cooperative, or create a new organization/group that may be featured on the map, so long as they meet all of the other criteria.


Inclusion Statement

To accomplish our goals, we recognize the rich ethnocultural diasporas that are all part of the North Shore community. We acknowledge that we live and practice on the traditional, unceded territories of the Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.

We also recognize the need to collaborate with the residents and guests of the region. We strive to include, and celebrate all the identities and will not discriminate or exclude any group or organization based on ethnicity, sexual orientation/gender, faith, age, ability, or income.