Support the North Shore Culture Compass! This online culture map is a treasure trove of stories, history, events and more. For the community, by the community.

North Shore Cultural Mapping Project

[intro-text]A cultural map is a free, dynamic online map intended as a practical resource for residents, tourists, local organizations, urban planners, and developers. It maps facilities, organizations, ideas, customs, and relationships that contribute to a way of life. These ‘cultural assets’ are divided into categories like: cultural spaces and facilities, cultural organizations, festivals and events, cultural and natural heritage, creative industries, and intangibles (such as stories and legends). [/intro-text]

Why Map Cultural Assets?
The North Shore is brimming with cultural activity! By plotting all of these ‘assets’ in a dynamic online map, we can pinpoint areas rich in cultural activity and areas in need of stimulation.  An awareness of our shared assets helps support social interaction, community connections, and promotes understanding, bringing people together to see, hear, and experience the world in new and imaginative ways. This makes cultural mapping a valuable tool for programming, advocacy, and urban planning. As our neighbourhoods change, it is critical that a diverse range of cultural assets are available, in order to create a healthy and balanced community.


  • Increases awareness of the diverse art and culture offerings on the North Shore
  • Provides easy access to arts and culture information, community resources, and tools
  • Encourages diversity and inclusiveness
  • Supports economic development for business and tourism by highlighting areas of opportunity
  • Reveals opportunities for community collaborations
  • Assists in cultural programming, advocacy, and much more

Project Phases
Phase 1
: assemble Advisory Committee, develop categories, establish database, begin collecting asset information – COMPLETE
Phase 2: determine GIS platform, secure funding, testing prototype – IN PROGRESS
Phase 3: input asset information, publish online map, launch promotional campaign

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