Navigators Education Programme

Using the North Shore Culture Compass, the Navigators Education Programme connects educators and teachers to ideas and resources to engage students in learning about the culture, heritage, history, geography and diversity of Vancouver’s North Shore.

This free programme, focused on the communities where students live and learn, offers a unique opportunity for place-based learning.

What is it?

The downloadable guide (PDF) features activities, resources and ideas for further exploration. It is an adaptable resource to support educators as they guide students to explore and engage with the North Shore Culture Compass.

  • suitable for in-class, online, or outdoor learning
  • facilitates the study of arts, history, geography, social studies, and technology
  • resource for learning about local First Nations culture, language, place names, and stories

Who is it for?

We invite teachers and instructors to use the guide as a springboard for classwork, outdoor and interactive experiences, home schooling, online learning, individual or group activities and projects.

Developed for grades 6-12, but many activities can be adapted for younger ages and/or community groups.