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North Van Arts offers arts education in the form of courses, workshops, and camps programming for all ages, interests and abilities.

Arts Education Survey

Hello and thanks for stopping by!  A lot has happened in the last couple of years, and I’d love to know how we can program art classes that meet your needs today and tomorrow. Do you want online or in person? Do you want skills-based or process-based classes? What art forms are you interested in? Where are you stuck in your art practice? And most importantly, can you juggle?

I really do read every single entry, so please take a few minutes to “help me help you” to quote Jerry McGuire.


Arts Education Survey

3. If no, what has been the barrier to taking a class with us? (check all that apply)
Which of the following types of classes are you interested in? (check all that apply)
What kind of instruction do you prefer?
What would you like to see at these meetups?
What would you like to contribute to member meetups?

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