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Camp Creative Pro D Day: Poetic Theatre

Maryan Cerina
Stephanie Blundell
Maplewood House
399 Seymour River Pl, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1S6
Friday, May 3rd 2024
Friday 8:30am : 3:30pm
Ages: 6-11 (only)

At Camp Creative, we use imagination

At Camp Creative, we play in the sun

At Camp Creative, we show our love for nature


Welcome to the Magical World of Joseph Cornell’s Art Camp! Explore the enchanting creations of Joseph Cornell, a artist and filmmaker, in this whimsical workshop designed for young artists to unleash their creativity and craft their very own Poetic Theatre or Memory Box. You will be Immersed in Joseph Cornell’s artistic brilliance as you dive into the fantastical dream like world where ordinary objects transform into extraordinary masterpieces.!

Choose a special memory or a story to bring your memory box to life, letting your imagination go wild with storytelling magic! Learn the secrets of turning your chosen memory into a visual masterpiece through dreamy planning guided by our creative camp instructor.

 Bring your memory box to life with provided materials like colorful boxes, magical glue, enchanted scissors, and a treasure trove of fascinating found objects and  explore the world of mixed media, experimenting with photographs, mementos, fabrics, and more to create layers and depth in your work of art.

 In the grand finale, share the magic as participants showcase their memory box creations and the wonderful stories behind them in a delightful 2-minute show-and-tell session.

All you need to bring is your chosen memory, personal photographs, and special keepsakes for a magical journey, where every creation is a story waiting to be told!

 Please fill out the registration form after purchasing your ticket/s, this will be sent to you 1-2 weeks before the start of the Pro D camp

Please send your camper with:

  1. Lunch/snacks (two snacks, one before lunch and one after) Masks (non-mandatory)  Camp-like snacks 😛
  2. Reusable water bottle  
  3. Towel  
  4. Running shoes/sneakers (no flip-flops)  
  5. Change of clothes that won’t mind getting dirty  
  6. Rain jacket and boots for rainy days  
  7. Anything they need for allergies or medication  


Age limit: We have designed this camp and employed instructors with experience working with the age range of 6-11 years old.  Please do not sign up unless your child is 6+ or more on the day of camp.

  • For details about our current NVA Disease-Prevention-Plan For the Camp covid safety plan click here.
  • If the camp you are hoping for is full, please email stephanieb@northvanarts.ca to be placed on a waitlist.  Use the subject header Camp Creative Waitlist Week (fill in the date you are interested in’) and in the body of the email let me know:
    • your name, phone number, and email
    • The names and age(s) of your child/children

*Please be aware when booking camps, untimely cancellations might lead to missed opportunities for other families and lead to financial strain on our non-profit organization. We request you let us know promptly if you need to  cancel or switch camps so we can make the necessary arrangements to fill the vacancy. A reminder cancellations will be charged a 30% administration fee to help offset staff time already incurred- see terms and conditions. Thanks for your understanding.

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