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Character Development Through Textiles

Eleanor Hannan
Maplewood House
Saturday, 10.00am : 4.00pm & Sunday, 10.00am : 4.00pm
April 20 & 21, 2024 (2 days)

Course Description:
Create characters and scenes inspired by ancient Greek friezes and the Bayeux Tapestry. Use fabric techniques to craft your visual narrative in a horizontal band or panel style.
Join our two-day “Character Development Through Textiles” weekend workshop for an immersive and in-depth creative adventure with fabrics.

What to Expect:
During these two days, you’ll explore the exciting process of creating characters and stories using techniques like fabric painting, stitching, gluing, stuffing, drawing, appliqué, and more. You don’t need to come with a story idea in mind because the process will guide you towards one. This element of surprise is part of the joy of character development through textile techniques.

In this fun approach developed by Eleanor, you’ll use textiles as your canvas, and the process itself will unveil your unique story. You’ll experiment with making your creations look three-dimensional and explore various character styles. The characters you develop may be part hidden, part two-dimensional, part three-dimensional, or low relief, making each one truly unique.

Your creation may not be fully finished by the end of the workshop, and that’s perfectly fine. You can continue working on it at home, just like an ongoing story. This workshop is a fantastic learning experience, offering you the opportunity to engage with the expressive world of textile arts while embarking on a journey of open-ended character development.

Techniques we will Cover:

Fabric Painting: Using paints to add color and detail to your textile creations.
Stitching: Sewing to add intricate details and textures to your characters and scenes.
Gluing: The art of using glue to attach different elements to your textile pieces.
Stuffing: Adding three-dimensional elements to your characters or scenes.
Drawing: Incorporating drawing skills to outline characters or intricate details.
Appliqué: Layering fabrics to create patterns or textures.
Shape-Making: Manipulating fabrics to create unique shapes.
Low Relief: Adding depth to your characters or scenes for a tactile and visual dimension.

Learning Outcomes:

Creative Expression: Develop the ability to express creativity and imagination through textile art, creating unique characters and stories.
Textile Techniques: learn various textile techniques, including fabric painting, stitching, gluing, stuffing, drawing, appliqué, shape-making, and low relief.
Character Development: Learn how to create and develop characters with distinct personalities and styles using textile materials.
Storytelling: Explore the art of storytelling through textile art, allowing characters and scenes to convey narratives and emotions.
Dimensionality: Gain an understanding of how to make textile creations look three-dimensional and experiment with different character styles.
Open-Ended Creativity: Embrace the idea of open-ended creative projects, where your creation may not be fully finished during the workshop, encouraging ongoing development and refinement.

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