Documentary Photography:  Identity, Family and Community Life (Online)

Justin Langille
Saturday, 10.00am : 12.00pm
April 6, 2024 (8 weeks)

After social media’s near total commercialization of intimacy, how do we make meaningful photographs of our own lives today? During this 8 week online workshop, participants will create an original documentary photography project examining their identity, family or community life. Participants will become well-versed in the social origins, practical skills, and social trajectories of contemporary documentary photography demonstrated in photography of the self that documents one’s own life in some way. We will conceptualize an original series of images, hone our capacity for long-term documentary image making in our practices and cultivate the language necessary to connect our photographs to broader social dialogues. This course is for photographers interested in creating a novel body of work only you could possibly create.



-Students must have taken 1-3 courses for credit in photography
-Any digital or analog camera is welcome to be used (DSLR, phone, point and shoot, SLR, instant, automatic) but students participating must have access to a camera throughout the course.
– Students should consider the costs of film, development and scanning in pursuing film-based work.
-Access to a computer/tablet/phone to edit/email photos to the instructor and participate remotely

Week 01: April 6, 2024 Saturday, 10.00am : 12.00pm
Welcome and introductions, overview of Documentary Practice, choosing a camera.

Week 02: April 13, 2024 Saturday, 10.00am : 12.00pm
Weekly check-in, project ideas, ethical obligations, lens-based techniques.

Week 03:  April 20, 2024 (Project.1 due) Saturday, 10.00am : 12.00pm
Check-ins, project discussion, shooting strategies, and lens-based techniques.

Week 04: April 27, 2024 Saturday, 10.00am : 12.00pm
Check-ins, project feedback, aesthetics, lens-based strategies.

Week 05: May 4, 2024 Saturday, 10.00am : 12.00pm
Check-ins, ongoing project support, photographing ourselves, lens-based techniques.

Week 06:  May 11, 2024 Saturday, 10.00am : 12.00pm
Check-ins, ongoing project discussion, photographing the self in larger issues, lens-based techniques.

Week 07: May 18, 2024 Saturday, 10.00am : 12.00pm
Check-ins, group support, guest speaker on the Future of Photography, where to go from here.

Week 08: May 25 2024 Saturday, 10.00am : 12.00pm
Extended check-ins, last project review, funding strategies, and maintaining an online presence.
End-of-term slideshow party, online gallery, staying connected, next project ideas.

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