Intro to Acrylics

Jinfei Wang
Maplewood House
399 Seymour River Pl, North Vancouver BC
Tuesdays, 6.45pm - 8.45pm
March 28 - May 2, 2023

Explore acrylic painting and awaken your creative skills. Within this 6 week class you will practice perspective, design theory, and composition. The course covers a number of genres including still life, abstract, landscape and figurative painting. In our inspiring log cabin art studio, you will learn a wide variety of artistic painting techniques with our art instructor Jinfei Wang. 

Can’t wait until March to get the paint brush out? why not come to our brand new CityScape Date Night series on the first Thursday of each month,  starting February 2 and express your love through Acrylics using abstract forms, colors, and words to express your love for each other. 

Week 1. Value and Shapes: Students will create a simple monochromatic still life painting.

Week 2. Light and shadows: Explore hues and color mixing technique. Students can choose to create a cool tone or warm tone abstract painting.

Week 3. Still life painting and composition. Step by step painting instruction by the instructor. 

Week 4.Perspective and landscape painting. Get inspired by landscape paintings masters. Students can choose their own landscape image they want to paint or images provided by the instructor.

Week 5. Portrait and figurative painting. Students will be learning from the masters and figurative painting techniques. Choose from a self-portrait or from an image of someone else. There will also be work continuing on from week 4.

Week 6. Finishing portrait paintings, continue from week 5.


  1. Sketching paper (optional)
  2. Pencils 
  3. Erasers
  4.  colour palettes 
  5. Easels / Drawing Donkeys (provided)

Paint brushes:

See this link for examples: https://canada.michaels.com/en/necessities-brown-synthetic-flat-round-brushes-artists-loft/10335747.html

  • Paint brushes: we recommended 3-5 brushes to start.  Flat painting brush size 5, 8 ,and 12. Round painting brush size 2 and 1.


Brand: Amsterdam, Liquitex, Golden, Winsor & Newton, Opus acrylic and Kroma. 

Alternative paint brand liquitex or Golden (best quality and most expansive)

  1. Titanium white
  2. Black
  3. Medium red
  4. Medium yellow
  5. Ultramarine blue
  6. Phthalo blue
  7. Magenta 
  8. Green Deep
  9. Burnt Sienna (brown)

Link: https://www.michaels.com/amsterdam-standard-acrylics-120ml/M34852.html

Canvas: 14×14 and 20×16 Students chose between the two size (At least 5 canvas per person)

Check Micheals for cheap canvas packs. https://canada.michaels.com/en/artist-canvas/super-value-pack-canvas/20001303


No supplies provided. Supply list available

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