Reimagining Sculpture: Transforming the Ordinary

Kyla Gilbert
Stephie Blundell
"Transforming the ordinary by redefining everyday materials in unexpected setting"
Maplewood House, 399 Seymour River Place, North Vancouver BC V7H 1S6
Thursdays, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
February 8th -March 14 6.30 8.30 2024 (6 weeks)

” Throughout this 6-week course, participants will create a diverse array of sculptural artworks,
challenging traditional norms by deconstructing and reimagining everyday materials. You will delve into
movements such as Ready-Made, Found Art, and Site-Specific, crafting temporary and permanent
pieces, mixed media compositions, soft sculptures, abstract sculptures, bas-relief works, and collages.

You will be invited to document everyday moments through photography, finding beauty in ordinary things, encouraging you to appreciate the world around you adding further depth to your creative process.

Tools and materials used include Collage Tools, Cardboard, Collage, Fabric, Clay, Recycled Materials,
Photography, Plaster of Paris, Everyday Objects, Magazines, Newspapers, Wire, Erasers, Stamps,
Affordable Materials, and Found Objects.

Week 1)  Collage and Cardboard Sculpture (Dada and Surrealism Collage):
• Explore and deconstruct everyday objects and materials found in magazines, newspapers, and
• Create collages or sculptures that transform these materials into extraordinary and thought provoking art, aligning with the Dada and Surrealist movements.

Week 2) Mixed Media Work (Inspired by Joseph Cornell):
• Blend found objects and materials into projects, creating shadow boxes, assemblages, and
• Combine elements like nature-inspired items, unique stamps or prints from everyday materials,
and repurposed found objects.

Week 3) Readymades, Bas Relief (Marcel Duchamp):
• Address the “Readymade” theme by using ordinary mass-produced items and presenting them
as art.
• Emphasize the transformation of these objects into bas-relief artworks using modeling clay or

Week 4)  Soft Sculpture (In the Style of Tracey Emin):
• Repurpose bed sheets, towels, pillowcases, and old clothes to explore unexpected possibilities

with these familiar materials.

week 5) Assemblage Sculpture (Inspired by Louise Nevelson):
• Utilize found objects discovered during the week to learn assemblage techniques and create
unique abstract sculptures.
• Unleash your creativity through non-representational art, experimenting with unconventional

Week 6) Site Specific Art and Exhibiting your Work (Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy):
• Align with the theme of “Site-Specific Art” by exploring natural materials found in specific
locations, such as parks or gardens.
• Create ephemeral artworks or capture the transformation of ordinary site elements into artistic
expressions through photograph


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