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Let rain winning phrases

Congratulations to the winners who submitted the final chosen phrases for Let It Rain!

  • Don Bell – “Every cloud has a silver lining”, “Raindrops keep falling on my head”, “Start singing in the rain!”, “Appreciate the rain while it’s here”
  • Tessa Cernik – “Run between the raindrops”, “Keep Calm and Jump in Puddles”
  • Nancy Cottingham Powell – “We do live in a temperate rainforest, you know!”
  • Mali Docktor – “YOU look great in the rain”
  • Joyce Goodwin – “Listen…raindrops are playing liquid music”, “The wheels on the bus go splash splash splash”
  • Cristina McAllister – “Hours of showers for burgeoning flowers”
  • Rosie Moore – “Rain: no shovel required”
  • Deborah Stephan – “These boots are made for walking in the rain”
  • Antje Wahl – “Love the rain, love to ride”
  • Benjamin (Grade 9, Alcuin College) – “Live the rain, love the rain”
  • Keaton (Grade 4, Alcuin College) – “Have a great rainy day!”
  • Nigel (Grade 3, Alcuin College) – “Dance in the rain!”