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Exhibitions encourage public engagement, bridging cultures and building strong communities through the arts.

2017 CityScape Exhibitions
January - December 2017
CityScape Community ArtSpace

Limited Editions: The Art of Printmaking

February 10 – March 18

Mariko Ando, Elisabeth Sommerville and Richard Tetrault

This exhibition explained methods used by artists, as practiced today by three contemporary printmakers. 


March 24 – April 22

Ahmad Reza, AlanMaples, Ali Gordon-Collins, Anaïs Gerber, Ann Hamm, Bennett Brown, Bill Fell, Carolina de la Cajiga, Caroline Chao, Dennis Greer, Dianna Burns, Dianne Matheson, Enda Bardell, Erika Toliusis, Grace Gordon-Collins, Jason Husmillo, Jean-Guy Dallaire, Jennifer Hedge, Jennifer Lamb, Jim Friesen, Joan Gauthier, Joyce Ozier, Laura Wallace, Lynn Budny, Lynne Green, Marguerite Caunt, Maria Josenhans, Marion Maxwell, Megan Koch, Meghan Spence, Melanie Thompson, Mena Martini, Myranda Corkum, Nigel Elliott, Phyllis Schwartz, Rhonda Garton, Rosemary Burden, Shannon Nixon, Sheree Jones, Susan Whitham, Terry Beaupre, Thom Kline, Tiffany Blaise, Valerie Metz, Veronica Roth, Vicki Provost, Yu Yi (Winnie) Lo, Yorke Graham

Using media such as oil, acrylic, photography, and beadwork, 51 artists explored mist over water, the power and awe of the darkest storm clouds, and the perfection of puffy, white plumes of stratocumulus.

New Forms Matter

April 28 – June 3

Suzy Birstein, Viven Chiu, Jean-Guy Dallaire, David Dumbrell, Sylvia Escobedo, James Fletcher, Anyuta Gusakova, Mark Hamilton, Richard Marcus, Claire Murgatroyd, Dona Nabata, Diane Roy, Jesse Rubin, Dieter Schlatter, Linda Schmidt, Ron Simmer, Bill Thomson, David Walker, Louise Solecki Weir

The Sculptors’ Society of BC celebrated how traditional and contemporary sculptural practices intersect by exploring bronze, stone, wood, fibre, and mixed media. This exhibition featured the work of sculptors working in traditional themes derived from nature and portraiture, cross-pollinated with our modern understanding of molecular structure and engineering to create new forms.

Means of Production

June 9 – July 15

Amanda McCavour, Lucy Poskitt, Michelle Sirois Silver, Stephanie Symns and Amanda Wood

Through weaving, rug hooking and stitching, five textile artists explored the value, meaning, and metaphorical possibilities of methodically making work by hand in a digital age of increasingly rapid advancement. The title drew on Marx’s theory of alienation, which asserts that our humanity is created through production – essentially we are what we make.

Branch Refinement

July 20 – September 2

Bonnie Jordan, Fae Logie, Tiki Mulvihill

Three artists explored various ways of connection; how we connect to our pasts, presents and futures. Creating photographic prints, installations and sculptures, the work invited viewers to examine their own connections to history, family, nature, place and time.

Pushing Boundaries

October 6 – November 10

Arlene Bowman, Allison Burns, Krystle Coughlin, Alanna Edwards- Mi’kmaq, Geronimo- Haida, Whess Harman, Adele Maskwa-iskwew Arseneau, Shelley McDonald, Ryan McKenna- Shuswap, Levi Nelson, Jacqueline Primeau, Michelle Sound

 Through carvings, portraiture drawings, digital images, textile work, video and more, themes of family, reconciliation, indigenous life, gender, race, politics and nature were explored in this year’s Pushing Boundaries biennial exhibition.