About Exhibitions

Exhibitions encourage public engagement, bridging cultures and building strong communities through the arts.

2018 CityScape Exhibitions
January - December 2018
CityScape Community ArtSpace

19th Birthday Party

February 9 – March 11

In partnership with the Housing Matters Media Project and Vancouver Foundation’s Youth and Homelessness Intiative.

This media art installation explored issues relating to youth transitioning out of government care at age 19 and youth homelessness. The exhibition invited the public to sit down and hear the stories about the challenges youth in care face as they transition to adulthood. At a table, each place setting offered a digital story produced by a former youth in care involved in the project.

Photobase: Re-Imagined Memories

March 16 – April 21

Angela Aujla, Kathleen Ainscough, Felicia Chang, Jeffery Chong, Linda Coe, Zahra Darvishian, Jackie Dives, Dorothy Doherty, Teresa Frolek, Grace Gordon-Collins, Meghna Haldar, Susan Heal, Taehoon Kim, Jennifer Lamb, Brooke McAllister, Anne Montgomery, Dona Nabata, Terra Poirier, Ross Powell, Connie Sabo, Phyllis Schwartz, Fang Tong, Stephanie Travers, Gina Verster

Intimate stories of love, loss, family history, immigration, addiction and identity were woven together to create a group show that explored what family photographs can represent. Photobase: Re-Imagined Memories was a selected program in Capture Photography Festival.


April 27 – May 26

Esmie Gayo McLaren, Lenore RS Lim, Pamela Gotangco, Chito Maravilla, Danvic Briones.

Essence sought to challenge viewers to examine how they treat and speak about the women in their lives. The exhibition, featuring the works of five artists of Filipino descent, traveled to the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa in September 2018, incorporating the works of two members of that city’s artistic community, Melanie Yugo and Kristina Corre. Essence was presented at CityScape Community Art Space in cooperation with partners the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver, UBC’s Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ), Filipino Music and Art Foundation in BC, and Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society (VAHMS).

Industrial Perspectives

June 1 – June 30

Lori Bagneres, Jeffrey Hirst, Joy Munt, Barb Pearson, Susan Purney Mark, Lori Sokoluk

This exhibition explored and highlighted the relationship that we have with Metro Vancouver’s port. The multidisciplinary show took a close look at the architecture and raw beauty of the port and other industrial zones within our cities.

Abstract Realism

July 6 – August 18

Fran Alexander, Margot Brassil , Caroline Dahlmanns, Michael Gordon, Danyne Johnston , Sharka Leigh, Debbie Lelievre Tana Lynn, Warren Oneschuk, Tanya Vipond, Jeff Wilson, Grazyna Wolski.

This exhibition challenged twelve visual artists to create work in two opposing styles, requiring them to push their creative limits. Composing two works – one following a realist approach, and the other abstracted, using the same subject. We all have a comfort zone that we like to inhabit, a place that is safe and familiar. This exhibition helped us look at what happens when we step out of the familiarity of our comfort zones and start to defy our personal norms. Stepping out of our comfort zone allows us to embrace the new, display our vulnerabilities, and face potential failure, but, also transition and transform.

Journey of a Salmon

September 14 – October 13

Fran Alexander, Lisa Figueroa, Linda Coe, Dorothy Doherty, Monica Gewurz, Dennis Greer, MaryJane Jessen, Debbie Katz, Gabrielle Maurus, Pilar Mehlis, Don Portelance, Christopher Smith, Tracie Stewart, Catherine Tableau, Margaret Witzsche, Sangeon Yoo.

This multi-disciplinary exhibition explored the epic journey of salmon, engaging the viewer in an incredible story of life, death, and rebirth. Journey of a Salmon took a look at how pollution, overfishing, and the destruction of the salmon’s natural habitat are impacting their falling population.

Textile Narratives

October 19 – November 17

Alanna Edwards, Cascadia Society, Nadine Flagel, Daphne Harwood, Haley Hunt-Brondwin, Mikaela Johanson,
Jennie Johnston, Colleen Kerr, Sylvia Kind, Emily Kirsch, Dawn Livera, Anne Montgomery, Diane Roy, Connie Sabo,
Robin Ripley, Debbie Westergaard Tuepah, Kalvin Valko, Carlyn Yandle.

This exhibition featured makers and artists who work with fibre, textiles, and surface design to rescue, repurpose, and recycle material to tell stories, communicate thoughts and ideas, and to convey messages and memories.