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Exhibitions encourage public engagement, bridging cultures and building strong communities through the arts.

July 26 - September 7, 2019
Cityscape Community ArtSpace
50th Anniversary Opening & Celebration, Thursday, July 25, 7 - 9pm

We launch our 50th Anniversary season with an exhibition that takes a closer look at significant events, experiences, and influences that have shaped the culture of North Vancouver and beyond.

Established in 1969, North Van Arts has been a vital platform for arts and culture in North Vancouver and the North Shore for 50 years. With a mandate to enable emerging and professional artists in all disciplines, to bridge cultures, and to build strong and healthy communities through the arts, North Van Arts has been committed to sharing the stories and perspectives that shape the identity of the North Shore.

Exhibiting artists Alexandra Phillips, Amelia Guimarin, Amy Liebenberg, Bev Ellis, Biliana Velkova, Grace Gordon-Collins, Mehran Modarres-Sadeghi, Taehoon Kim, and Xwalacktun engage viewers in an exploration of the history, identity, and landscape of North Vancouver, offering a critical window into the past and a thoughtful vision of the future. This exhibition also features work selected from the Visions of the North Shore Series. 

Intertwined with the history and reflections offered by the artists will be the story of North Van Arts’ 50 years. As the North Shore has developed, North Van Arts has been committed to advocating for the importance of art in building community. Taking art beyond gallery walls, North Van Arts has worked to make art and culture an accessible and foundational aspect of the North Shore. In conversation with the artists’ work, the story of North Van Arts explores its ongoing dedication to enabling emerging artists and advocating for the recognition of underrepresented stories through the arts.

We would like to thank the North Vancouver Museum and Archives for their generous support to North Van Arts and the artists in this exhibition.

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, for one night only North Van Arts will be transforming our gallery into a pop-up bar and immersive visual art experience on Saturday, September 14 at 7pm. Find out more here!