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Exhibitions encourage public engagement, bridging cultures and building strong communities through the arts.

Wool Weaving by Cheximiya Allison Burns Joseph
May 16 - September 3
City Atrium Gallery

We are very excited to be exhibiting work at the City Atrium Gallery by wool weaver, Cheximiya Allison Burns Joseph. Born in North Vancouver, Cheximiya is from the Squamish Nation and has been an Aboriginal Ambassador for her Nation and the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre since graduating in 2006. Cheximiya began wool weaving in the summer of 2008, and has since continued to express herself through her pieces and to pass on the Squamish Nation tradition of wool weaving.

Cheximiya uses traditional techniques with a modern flair in her weaving, and many of her pieces are found on display at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (SLCC). Cheximiya’s practice focuses on weaving pieces and donating them to her community. She does all her weaving in her spare time or as a learning tool for guests to the SLCC.