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Art Rental Art Fair 2022
April 14 to November 25
A Virtual Art Fair
Art Rental Art Fair 2022 features the new artworks recently added to the North Van Arts Art Rental Programme. In four virtual galleries you’ll see original works by local artists. Created using an impressive range of media and techniques, these 2-dimensional works explore a variety of themes and subjects.
Gallery 1  Mimi Ama, Mohammad Reza Atashzad, Lori Bagnérès, Audrey Bakewell, Ellen Bang, Enda Bardell, Ian Bateson, Janice Beaudoin, Ilze Bebris, Brian Wolfgang Becker, Hugh Boaa, Alice Bottrill, Jean Bradbury, Margot Brassil, Thompson Brennan, Axel Breutigam, W Bennett Brown, Karen Brumelle, Krista Cameron, YoungHwa Cha-Hach, Lil Chrzan
Gallery 2  Sunny Cho, Sally Clark, Margaret Cody, Lucy Collings, Jackie Conradi-Robertson, Christine Cowan, Rick Cuff, Caroline Dahlmanns, Kathy Daley, Sue Damen, Sue Daniel, Tara Devine, Dorothy Doherty, Melanie Ellery, Bev Ellis, Casey Fawsitt, Catherine Fields, Tina Flux, Monique Froehler, Jenie Gao, Aakansha Ghosh, Grace Gordon-Collins, Simone Guo, Sharon Habib, Tara Hach, Martin Henry, Rick Herdman
Gallery 3  Fanny Ip, Martha Jablonski-Jones, Dana Johnson, Maria Josenhans, Alison Keenan, Thom Harvey Kline, Gina Kling, Jeanne Krabbendam, Janna Kumi, Nicole Lalande, Jennifer Lamb, Margaret Lawther, Shevy Levy, Carole Lyne Lussier, Alan Maples, Marion Maxwell, Bruce F. McAdam, Elizabeth McLaren, Esmie Gayo McLaren, Brian Minichiello, Sonia Mocnik, Nicky Morgan, Marisa Myrah, Shel Neufeld, Louise Nicholson, Kris Noble, Joyce Ozier, Niki Papp, Barb Pearson, Tammy Pilon, Lori Popadiuk
Gallery 4  Edward Peck, Riitta Peirone, Sandrine Pelissier, Richard Prutton, Sharon Quirke, Nazila Rafizadeh, Crystal Rassi, Katie Rodgers, Kim Rosin, Phyllis Schwartz, Meghan Sharir, Mariana Sola, Elisabeth Sommerville, Myranda Storm, Fanny Tang, Suzanne Thomson, Roxsane Tiernan, Holly Truchan, Shelley Wales, Rachelle Warkentin, Sande Waters, Claudia Wiebe, Carole Wilson, Jeff Wilson, Theresa Wimbles, Yifei Zhang


All works are available for rent and sale. Monthly rental fees range from $10 to $60. Rentals and sales are handled in-person during gallery hours. Visit us at CityScape Community ArtSpace, 335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2G3  604-988-6844 info@northvanarts.ca

Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 9-5 | Open late Thursday until 8pm | Saturday 12-5 | Closed on Sundays

Our Art Rental Collection features over 400 original works in a wide variety of styles and subjects from more than 150 artists. Artworks include paintings, photographs, prints and drawings in a range of sizes. View the complete Art Rental Collection through our Online Gallery

Find more information on rental and sales at to How to Rent/Buy