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Art Rental Art Fair 2023
March 23 to July 7, 2023
Art Rental Art Fair 2023 features the artworks recently added to the North Van Arts Art Rental Programme. In six virtual galleries you’ll see original works by local artists. Created using an impressive range of media and techniques, these 2-dimensional works explore a variety of themes and subjects.
Gallery I  Afsaneh Alami, Nasrin Aslam, Lori Bagneres, Audrey Bakewell, Enda Bardell, Ian Bateson, Janice Beaudoin, Ilze Bebris, Hugh Boaa, Alice Bottrill, August Bramhoff, Thompson Brennan, Axel Breutigam, Lynn Budny, Cosmo Campbell, Qiying Chen, Sunny Cho
Gallery II  Ines Chuaqui, Yeong Hoon Chung, Lucy Collings, Jackie Conradi-Robertson, Rick Cuff, Kathy Daley, Ana Den, Dave Denson, Dorothy Doherty, Melanie Ellery, Janet Esseiva, Ann Eynon, Casey Fawsitt, Catherine Fields, Tina Flux, Eileen Fong, Joan Gauthier, Monica Gewurz, Donna Giraud
Gallery III  Lynne Green, James Groening, Simone Guo, Sharon Habib, Rose Heart, Rick Herdman, Dana Huhn, Fanny Ip, David Ives, Shakun Jhangiani, Dana Johnson, Sheree Jones, Maria Josenhans, Susanne Kestner-Aiello, Nicole Lalande, Jennifer Lamb, Margaret Lawther, Derry Lubell
Gallery IV  Doris MacDougall, Alan Maples, Karen Marki, Gabriele Maurus, Marion Maxwell, Shirley Mckell, Esmie Gayo McLaren, Nazanin Mirmohammadsadeghi, Effat Mirnia, Sonia Mocnik, Angelica Montero, Nicola Morgan, Marika Morissette, Stefan Muresan, Louise Nicholson, Kris Noble, Edward Peck, Sandrine Pelissier, Lori Popadiuk, Sharon Quirke, Nazila Rafizadeh, Tiffany Reid
Gallery V  Katie Rodgers, Sarah Rosenbloom, Kim Rosin, roman rozumnyj, Don Rutherford, Wendy Schmidt, Phyllis Schwartz, Pat Scott, Sonia Sehat Niaki, Tammy Flynn Seybold, Erin Shakespeare, Meghan Sharir, Elham Shiri, Surnoor Singh, Mariana Sola, Elisabeth Sommerville, Shawn Stibbards, Hannah Stoll, Carolyn Sullivan
Gallery VI  Colette Tan, Suzanne Thomson, Roxsane Tiernan, Shelley Wales, Guy Wall, Sande Waters, Claudia Wiebe, Shirley Claire Williams, Jeff Wilson, Theresa Wimbles, Andrea Wooles, Yang Wu, Nazanin Yousefian
All works are available for rent and sale. Monthly rental fees range from $10 to $60. Rentals and sales are handled in-person during gallery hours. Visit us at CityScape Community ArtSpace, 335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2G3  604-988-6844 info@northvanarts.ca

Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 9-5 | Saturday 12-5 | Closed on Sundays

Our Art Rental Collection features over 400 original works in a wide variety of styles and subjects from more than 150 artists. Artworks include paintings, photographs, prints and drawings in a range of sizes. View the complete Art Rental Collection through our Online Gallery

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