Arts in the Garden 2023

Arts in the Garden is an annual outdoor community event based on the North Shore. Taking place on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28, the event is bringing visual artists, musicians, performers, and workshops to thirteen outdoor spaces across the North Shore. Arts in the Garden is an encounter of people and place, of creativity and of reflection; we invite you to join us in this special weekend of play, connection and delight.

Arts in the Garden celebrates the intersection between artistic practices and the natural world. Each year, musicians, visual artists and performers fill outdoor spaces with their imagination and creativity. Through play, creativity, learning, and engagement, the event invites community to reflect on their relationship to the land and to place, and hopes to inspire us to care for the natural world and for all those sharing the land with us.

Feathers and Fungi programming runs from 9:30am – 3:00pm on Saturday, and from 10:30am to 6:30pm on Sunday. Register now, as space can fill up fast! All other gardens will be open from 12pm – 5pm.

Arts in the Garden 2023 locations can be explored through the map below. You can learn about the participating gardeners, artists, musicians and performers through the garden pages linked in the menu on the left side of this page. Our performance schedule can help you plan your visit.

Each garden has an entry fee of $2 cash, although three gardens have entrance by donation – Harmony Garden in West Vancouver (Garden #4), Loutet Farm in North Vancouver (Garden #10) and Feathers and Fungi at Maplewood Flats (Garden #13). We can only accept cash.

You can buy a $15 all-access garden pass through the link below, or by visiting 335 Lonsdale Avenue (our office at CityScape Community ArtSpace). These passes will also be available for purchase throughout the event weekend. If you buy your garden pass pass online, please print the receipt and bring it to your first garden on the day of the event, or to 335 Lonsdale Avenue in advance of the event, to exchange it for a pass.

Bring your garden pass to Delaney’s in Dundarave, Bean on 5 in Lower Lonsdale and Bjorn Bar Bakery in Edgemont Village during the event weekend for a 15% discount.


Feathers and Fungi Registration

Learn about and register for Feathers and Fungi workshops here

To learn more about Feathers and Fungi, and catch a glimpse of the learning and connections you can form through this event, you can watch this video highlighting last year’s event.

How to Join Us

All Arts in the Garden locations are listed on the webpage panels linked in the menu on your left, through the ‘explore the map’ tab below or through the ‘read the event guide’ tab below. 

Most garden spaces have an entry fee of $2 cash. Harmony Garden, Loutet Farm and Maplewood Flats have entrance by donation.

$15 Garden Passes are available for purchase online here or at CityScape Community ArtSpace (335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver) in advance of the event, or at each garden venue during the event weekend.

You can register for Feathers and Fungi workshops online here.

Accessiblity information is included on each garden webpage linked on the menu to your right. 

We can’t wait to see you there!

Read the Event Guide
Explore the Map

Each garden venue is marked online and in the event guide with either a red, yellow or green accessibility indication.

A red marking means that the garden poses several accessibility barriers.

A yellow marking means that there are a few accessibility concerns, but the space may still be accessible for some.

A green marking means that the garden is overall accessible. Details regarding each space are available on the garden’s event homepage.

Information regarding transportation and parking are included on each garden’s webpage. If you do not require accessible parking, we ask that you please leave parking spaces closest to each garden available for those who need them.

Seating is not provided. Please bring your own chair if you need a guarunteed place to sit.

Prepare for the Weekend

Bring Cash: Garden entry fees and donations are cash only! We can provide change, but bills under $20 are preferred. Some artists and performers will be selling their work at the event, so bring cash and your card so that you are prepared to make a purchase!

Look for Signage: Each garden will be marked by a large Arts in the Garden sandwich board, as well as a tent hosting one or two volunteers ready to greet you!

Plan Your Day: If you plan to visit multiple gardens, make note in advance of where to stop for refreshments. If you need ideas … purchasing a $15 garden pass will offer you a 15% discount at Delany’s in Dundarave, BjornBar Bakery in Edgemont Village, and Bean on 5 in Lower Lonsdale. You can use our performance schedule to help you plan your route.

Join our events team!

We are looking for volunteers to join our Arts in the Garden event team! There are two volunteer opportunities:

1) Distribution! We would LOVE  for you to stop by our gallery to pick up promotional materials for the event, and distribute them in your community. We are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, and 12pm – 5pm on Saturdays.

2) Event Weekend Team: We are keenly looking for volunteers to spend a few hours at the entrance to a garden during the event weekend, welcoming visitors. 

If both or either of these opportunities appeal to you, email our Volunteer Coordinator, danna@northvanarts.ca . Thank you and we can’t wait to work with you!

History of Arts in the Garden

History of Arts in the Garden

Arts in the Garden is in its 24 year running. Hosted on the last weekend of May, Arts in the Garden has been bringing arts to garden spaces across the North Shore since 1999. The event has been expanding and changing ever since its creation, gradually adding a minimum of two visual artists in each garden, and live music throughout the full event weekend. In 2021, the online event expanded to include performance arts, engagement activities, and workshops. Each of these elements were brought into 2022’s in-person event, along with Feathers and Fungi, a workshop series hosted at Maplewood Flats in partnership with Wild Bird Trust of BC.

Arts in the Garden will continue to grow, expand, and respond to our community. We hope to open space for creativity, rest and play, and offer an opportunity for visitors to reflect on their relationship and responsibility to the lands they live on, and the communities to which they belong.

Any questions about Arts in the Garden 2023 can be directed to our Events and Community Development Manager, Katherine Gear Chambers, at katherine@northvanarts.ca or by phone at 604-988-6844. You can also visit our office at 335 Lonsdale Avenue, and Katherine will be happy to chat with you, Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm.

Arts is the Garden is possible with the support from our funders, partners, and sponsors. Thank you!