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Barb Pearson and Jodi Stark | District Foyer Gallery | Nov 29 – Jan 15
District Foyer Gallery
355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver
<b>HOURS </b> Monday - Friday: 8am-4:30pm

Barb Pearson was born in Edmonton and now resides in Vancouver. Her work blends chaos and harmony, influenced by her diverse and varied life experiences. Particularly compelling to Pearson is the richness in the textures, both visual and emotional, that mixed media evokes. Pearson draws, paints, scrapes, collages, sands and repeats to create her mixed media pieces.
“I started out painting images that I thought were beautiful but evolved to a place where I now have no reference material nor any end goal in mind…This often can result in frustration and despair but has taught me so much about dealing with my own emotions and the need to let go of control.”
Jodi Stark is a designer, beachcomber and woodworker. She finds beauty hidden in old scrape wood and driftwood and then re-purposes, refines and shapes it into new and modern pieces of artwork that is functional, stylish and unique.
The intersection between art, design and nature fascinates and inspires meNow you can have all the smooth luxury, natural appeal, beauty and warmth of wood with you all day.”
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