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Exhibitions encourage public engagement, bridging cultures and building strong communities through the arts.

Branch Refinement | CityScape Community Art Space
July 21 - September 2
Cityscape Community Art Space
<b>Opening Reception</b> Thursday, July 20 | 7 - 9 pm

BR-creative-escapeSpecial Creative Escape

Thursday, August 31, 6 – 8pm

Join Bonnie Jordan, Fae Logie and Tiki Mulvihill for a special rendition of Creative Escape. The three artists will be in the gallery leading a drawing and collage activity. The event is free and supplies will be provided!

Three artists explore the various ways of connection; how we connect to our pasts, presents and futures. Creating digital prints, installations and sculptures, the work invites viewers to examine their own connections to history, family, nature, place and time. Bonnie Jordan, Fae Logie and Tiki Mulvihill respond to the landscape of their immediate environment, just outside the door. Jordan employs symbols of the physical and spiritual, Logie traces the markers of trees and Mulvihill embeds historical components in driftwood.


Bonnie Jordan

The three series of Bonnie’s work in this exhibition are about connection, communication and transformation – things we cannot physically see but are integral components of our being. In her symbolism, the elements earth, fire and water evoke in us a visual language with which to communicate intangible emotional and spiritual information.

Fae Logie

Fae Logie’s work articulates a correspondence of dwelling and forests.  She is interested in perceptions and metaphors of the forest ecosystem, unique indigenous and modified treed landscapes, both local and distant.  Forest imagery can evoke deep feelings of emotional attachment to nature or, in contrast, destructive attitudes of historical and cultural precedent.

Tiki Mulvihill

Ancestral drift infuses past within present inside a cross-cultural perspective lens, which strangely defines Canada. This installation implements hierarchy objects and repurposed components once owned and retained within ancestral families’ generations.  These components encase in driftwood and mix with other unrelated apparatuses to evoke some inquisitiveness about users and usage.