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Caitlin Prince
November 7, 2018 - January 28, 2019
District Foyer Gallery


Caitlin Prince is an artist and ceramicist whose practice has a strong focus on the exploration of functional and sculptural vessels. She is a graduate of Emily Carr University and is currently based out of Vancouver, BC. 

The tension between the fragility and durability of ceramic objects has always been of particular interest in her work. The material itself draws a connection between the natural and industrialized worlds, while proving to be one of the most resilient mediums used historically for providing societies with both functional and decorative objects.

In her current practice, Caitlin focuses on exploring her personal limits of production as well as pushing the temperamental nature of the clay bodies she uses. Her aesthetic can be described as organic, embracing the integrity of natural objects and processes. 

By limiting the use of glazes and other surface decoration techniques and relying mostly on the natural properties and integrities of clay, the objects produced feature a beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and often incomplete. With a keen interest in creating objects that are entirely unique through a process of hand building and mixing different clays to produce marbled and warped surfaces, no two pieces are ever the same.