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For the Canada West Illustrators
Canada West Illustrators Group Show | District Library Gallery | Feb 14 – Apr 9
1277 Lynn Valley Road
District Library Gallery
<b> Hours </b> Monday - Friday 9am-9pm | Sat 9am-5pm | Sun noon-5

Members of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) represent a diverse group of emerging and published artists. A range of styles and media from 8 artists explores the fun, whimsical themes that can found in children’s literature, from classics like Wizard of Oz to imaginative works from the artists.

Join the artists on Saturday, February 17, from 2-4pm for a free, fun, family friendly event of art and literature.

Jennifer Barr: Using a sense of whimsy and humour, Jennifer primarily writes and illustrates picture books and comics that reflect the world around her and her life with kids.
Emily Bourke: As an illustrative artist, Emily focuses on telling stories that are within everyone and to show life’s wonder, joy and even difficulties.
Scot Ritchie: An award winning author/illustrator, Scot has books that have been translated into many languages and has worked with publishers around the world.
Ken Rolston: Ken began a goal to draw every day, and after staring at blank paper, inspiration came in the form of dragons. Day after day, another dragon would come to him. Ken has created over 650 dragons since that goal and will continue.
Monica Silvie: Monica is a children’s writer and illustrator who began her career at age 11 with a publication-by-photocopier of The Enchantment. She studied law for 15 years and is now getting back to her passion of children’s illustrations.
Sara Theuerkauf: Sara’s work captures moments of simple ritual, coziness, and charm. Her work takes joy in the details and reflects her affinity for nature, textiles, traditional craft, maps, architecture and interior design.
Derek Toye: Derek is an illustrator and concept artist who has been working in the animation industry for over 10 years.
Holman Wang: Holman Wang and his twin brother, Jack, are the dynamic duo behind the board book series Cozy Classics and Star Wars Epic Yarns, which bridge literary and cinematic classics into word primers with just 12 words and 12 needle-felted illustrations.