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North Shore Panorama by Carolina de la Cajiga
Carolina de la Cajiga | District Library Gallery
March 15 - May 13, 2017
District Library Gallery
<b>Opening Reception</b> April 8, 2-4pm

City in Flux (Work in Progress)

This series of photographic art that explores the world of urban design and city planning. Carolina de la Cajiga highlights the carefully choreographed dance between cranes, buildings and construction workers. While city planners have deadlines, natural environment and money as obstacles to finishing a project, Carolina is free to dream of, move, reshape and multiply buildings. City in Flux (Work in Progress) celebrates the people who carry the weight of expansion on their backs, juxtaposed with a complete disregard for reality in urban design.

Carolina de la Cajiga refers to herself as an illusionist or a re-interpreter. Her approach to art is a balance between reality and imagination – what you see is not what “is”. Her work is not restricted to the borders of a flat canvas or image. She does not follow trends, or stay on the same path. Her work continuously evolves around one goal – to produce harmonious, exciting work.

City in Flux (Work in Progress) is part of Capture Photography Festival. Capture is devoted to exhibiting challenging and thought-provoking photography from local and international artists.

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