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Cove Clouds by Laura Wallace
March 24 - April 22, 2017
CityScape Community Art Space
<b>Opening Reception</b>| Thursday, March 23, 7-9pm

Join us as we muse on clouds in their many forms and characters. Using media such as oil, acrylic, photography, and beadwork, 51 artists explore mist over water, the power and awe of the darkest storm clouds, and the perfection of puffy, white plumes of stratocumulus.

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Ahmad Reza, AlanMaples, Ali Gordon-Collins, Anaïs Gerber, Ann Hamm, Bennett Brown, Bill Fell, Carolina de la Cajiga, Caroline Chao, Dennis Greer, Dianna Burns, Dianne Matheson, Enda Bardell, Erika Toliusis, Grace Gordon-Collins, Jason Husmillo, Jean-Guy Dallaire, Jennifer Hedge, Jennifer Lamb, Jim Friesen, Joan Gauthier, Joyce Ozier, Laura Wallace, Lynn Budny, Lynne Green, Marguerite Caunt, Maria Josenhans, Marion Maxwell, Megan Koch, Meghan Spence, Melanie Thompson, Mena Martini, Myranda Corkum, Nigel Elliott, Phyllis Schwartz, Rhonda Garton, Rosemary Burden,  Shannon Nixon, Sheree Jones, Susan Whitham, Terry Beaupre, Thom Kline, Tiffany Blaise, Valerie  Metz, Veronica Roth, Vicki Provost, Yu Yi (Winnie) Lo, Yorke Graham