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Exhibitions encourage public engagement, bridging cultures and building strong communities through the arts.

image by Dana Huhn
Dana Huhn | Juliet Decor and Art
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CityScape Community ArtSpace
Painted Coasters

I typically do not use a paintbrush. I pour my paint; tilting and swaying the paint around on the canvas. Every painting is a unique collaboration of colour, chemistry, and composition in the moment. My pieces are made with acrylics, a variety of paint mediums, and a concoction of household products. I also use a kitchen torch. For some pieces I incorporate gold, rose gold, and silver leaf. I will also at times incorporate image transfers of my own photography or vintage graphics from the 1800’s. I always draw my colour schemes and inspiration from nature, such as a tropical ocean’s coral sea, a snowy BC mountain landscape, a swirling storm on Jupiter, or a peacock’s feather.
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