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Dana Huhn: Optimism in Colour
April 18, 2024 - July 17, 2024
The District Foyer Gallery (located at North Vancouver District Hall)

Art in the Community presents an exhibition by Dana Huhn: Optimism in Colour

Artist Statement:

Colour theory and painting have long been associated with the expression of emotions. Different colours can evoke a range of emotional responses in people, and artists have used colour in their work to convey feelings and moods for ages.

As an artist, I have always been fascinated by the interplay between colour and emotion. During these challenging times, this relationship has taken on a new significance, as many of us have had to grapple with the complex emotions that have arisen since the covid pandemic and general state of the world. I believe that colour can have a positive effect on the brain. Each canvas is
carefully crafted to create a specific positive mood, using colour as a powerful tool to communicate emotions and evoke uplifting feelings.

For this collection of artwork, I use bright and bold colours to convey a sense of optimism and hope, thus capturing the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Artist Bio:

From a young age Dana Huhn demonstrated a passion and talent for the arts. She holds a BA in Art History (UBC), has a background in graphic design, a small business, and has worked in the field of architecture for ten years. In 2019, she decided to pursue painting full-time. She currently lives on the North Shore and is a member of the West Vancouver Public Art Advisory Committee. 

Dana has two bodies of work, semi-abstract/abstract painting and alcohol ink painting that incorporates photography. The process of creating an abstract piece, Dana says, allows her to experiment and play with many mediums, tools and techniques. It’s a process she does intuitively and finds very rewarding. These pieces range from bold and whimsical marks with vibrant colours to more subdued and organic ‘colour-scapes.’

In her other body of work, Dana implements her photos of BC forests and trees with alcohol ink painting. Pairing a photograph with a painting is a process she loves. Photography for her is a way to show her appreciation and love of the beautiful Pacific Northwest waters and forests around her.

Dana offers a collections of home decor items and accessories that can be found on her website www.danahuhn.com