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Emma Fish | Welcome Home
May 30 - August 27, 2024
The District Library Gallery (located at District Lynn Valley Main Library )

An Artist Meet and Greet with Emma Fish takes place at the District Library Gallery from 2 – 3:30 on July 27, 2024.


Welcome home is an exhibit celebrating our local environment. Telling stories of our most cherished, iconic places and the vibrant lives of the people of Greater Vancouver / North Vancouver. Each piece in this collection covers a different aspect of the history of our local area and its connection to current society. The pieces in this exhibit are placed in chronological order which tells the story of the evolution of where we live. These pillars of our lives are often overlooked in the day to day living however they are essential elements which form the foundation of our society.

When we respect our wildlife; First Nations, local environment, development and current population growth/ tourists, in a sustainable way, we can continue to change ourselves for the better.

Artist Bio:

Emma Fish draws inspiration from nature, fueled by her passion for snowboarding and her affinity for the mountains. Since immigrating from Australia to British Columbia in 2016, she has channeled her experiences into vibrant artworks that express the emotions evoked by her surroundings. Emma’s work has been showcased in prestigious galleries and museums across the province, including The Chilliwack Museum, The Galley George and Centre A. Actively involved in the Vancouver art scene, she participates in events such as the North Shore Art Crawl and Pancakes and Booze.

As a local emerging artist she has created multiple series looking deep into the beautiful Canadian Landscapes. She has dived into the themes of sustainability by creating pieces completely out of recycled plywood and painted pieces in the middle of the forest. She is currently working on a more abstract landscape series called “Coming Together”.

Emma Fish is the founder of “A World of Fish Creations”, her own outdoor brand. A World of Fish Creations believes that art should be accessible and affordable to be enjoyed by everyone. That is why their focus is to create sustainable products and apparel which can be easily accessed through communities in Greater Vancouver. A World of Fish Creations currently sells prints and hand painted earrings in local gift shops including: Favourite Gifts at the Lonsdale Quay, Willow and Wallflower in Coquitlam, as well as online.