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Bijal Patel: Everything Comes Next
July 18 - October 15, 2024
The District Foyer Gallery (located at North Vancouver District Hall)
Art in the Community Presents Bijal Patel: Everything Comes Next

Artist Statement

My work explores the journey of change and loss as layers of connecting and reconnecting to both old and new experiences of self, others and our surroundings. In my life and artwork, I discover a sense of self from new, different perspectives for accepting those areas that cannot be controlled and exploring those areas that can, by using intentional, conscious decisions.

My process utilizes music to inspire mark making whilst being blindfolded using india ink and brushes. This provides freedom; surrendering to rhythms and movement to music to create organic marks through emotions without concern as to what the marks “look like” on paper. Once the blindfold is removed, I work into the empty spaces with color and line work. This part is done intentionally as a way of exploring autonomy and decision making, representing resilience around the “uncontrolled” organic india ink marks.

My desire is to provide hope and space to reflect on connecting and reconnecting to parts of ourselves to create positive changes; changes to our sense of self, relationships, the environment, and community. In the process of moving forward following loss, connection and resilience can build by making decisions and focusing on aspects within our sphere of control.


I am a British South Asian emerging artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Using my background in psychology, I am exploring the relationship between psychology and art, working with the layers of connectedness with a vision of uniting them and have come full circle in this journey now working as an artist.

Through a multitude of forms, including mixed media, painting, drawing and ink, I express emotions, specifically to my journey of loss and being a 2nd generation immigrant living between Eastern and Western cultures. Continually reconnecting to different parts of self, depending on environment, circumstance and community is central to my work not only as a South Asian immigrant but also as a young widow. I am inspired by the resilience and strength of those on their own journeys of loss of all types and forms. Through my work, I invite others to explore parts of themselves which may not be visible from the outside.

@bijalpatelart | https://bijalpatelart.com