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Go Figure
June 21 - July 20
Cityscape Community ArtSpace
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 20, 7 - 9pm

Go Figure explores the human figure and psyche, featuring works by Susanna Blunt, Dion Kliner, and Alexandra Phillips. Each artist in this exhibition observes our relationship with ‘the figure’, interpreting its form as well as the spaces where it is absent, asking the viewer to contemplate the unknown, triggering our curiosity and desire to explore.

Susanna Blunt invites us to be conscious of our curiosity and transition. Often surreal, Blunt addresses our passage in life through her ongoing Warrior Series. These abstract figures illustrate notions of survival, the fight, as well as basic human instincts. In contrast to her sculptural forms, Blunt’s paintings deal with absent spaces devoid of the figure, placing we, the viewer in her empty stairwells contemplating the unknown.

Dion Kliner is inspired by what is often overlooked – the artists thought process. He references historic, figurative sculptures from ancient Greece to the 19th Century and the sculptors who loved the formal, material qualities of sculpture. Using primarily plaster and wooden pedestals, Kliner incorporates often transitional materials to harness the spontaneity of sculpting, as well as to reference classical sculptural and construction methods.

Alexandra Phillips’ work derives from a longstanding interest in fragmentation as well as the carnivalesque, a mechanism whereby human societies seek to relieve tension through inverting social norms. Modeled in fibre-reinforced concrete, Phillips’ pieces are metaphors for specific social conditions. A Higher Vision is a solitary figure climbing to the heights of a plinth to find a large planar head staring back at it. This piece mocks the futility of ambition, and our tendency to elevate and enshrine authorities in inaccessible places.