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Hoon Chung: My Beautiful Indescribable Nature
April 19 - July18, 2023
The District Foyer Gallery (located at North Vancouver District Hall)

Art in the Community presents “My Beautiful Indescribable Nature,” an exhibition by Hoon Chung.

Artist Bio:

Hoon Chung is a talented visual artist living in the city of North Vanccouver. He has pursued his artistic dreams by enrolling in Capilano College in North Vancouver, where he obtained a Diploma in Studio Arts in 1998. Determined to further hone their craft, Hoon Chung continued their studies and went on to attend Concordia University in Montreal, where they earned a BFA in Design Arts.

Since then, hehas participated in a number of exhibitions, including the One-Way Gallery Exhibitions in Langley, where their works were showcased alongside those of other talented artists.

Artist Statement:

I am an abstract painter living in the beautiful city of North Vancouver.

I have been living as a self motivated artist since the start of the pandemic.

All the artworks I have created have been produced in direct inspiration from the indescribable

beauty of nature.

Using my own creative patterns and brushstrokes, I have done my best to express my

perception of how I imagine nature upon these canvases.

All the artworks I summit are the result of my perceptions.