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Jasmine Cadenhead: Elective Affinities
December 12 - March 11
City Atrium Gallery

Jasmine attempts to capture unique moments among the infinity of temporal possibilities, beginning her work by exploring peoples memories and descriptions of an impactful environment. This is done through texture, colour, sensation and felt sense. Through these descriptions, Jasmine comes to see a new and more authentic viewpoint, an unfiltered image, fictitious or not, a human story. These unearthed memories become the tactile layers of her work.

Recent developments in neurobiology have shown that memory is an active and constructive process, and that “the mind constantly re-assembles old impressions and attaches them to new information”. Most memory researchers “deny that the mind is capable of precisely reproducing the exact imprints of prior experience,” including precisely recalling memories of smells, images or sensations. It is precisely these fragmented, distorted, sensory and emotional elements that are examined and brought into physical and tactile form. 

By fusing psychology, art, and environmental studies, Jasmine offers an outlook laced with possibility and a reminder of the awe-inspiring setting humanity depends on.

Resin painting is a process that involves a complex layering of colours and textures to create multiple dimensions on the canvas. Resin is a two-part compound that hardens to a clear glossy finish where paint or natural pigments can be added. 

Much of the work Jasmine produces seeks to explore the untapped potential of this unique material, where she develops new techniques and tools that are capable of subverting conventional painting or resin pouring techniques, introducing a dose of entropy into what is typically a controlled process. Chance is an essential element in this creative process, where the materials can simultaneously blend and resist each other.

For more information on Jasmine Cadenhead and her work, please visit her website here.