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Jennifer Lamb: Along the Edge
May 1 - July 8
North Vancouver District Public Library

Vancouver-based photographer Jennifer Lamb creates abstract in-camera multiple exposures, challenging the viewer’s imagination with intersecting transparent layers.

“I sought to make images in which the nature and scale of the subjects were difficult to ascertain.  Photography excels in capturing reality, but here I didn’t want the viewer to be sure what had been photographed or indeed whether or not these were photographs.

 Although I often create composite images in Photoshop, for this series I chose to create the composites in the camera and to allow serendipity to shape the outcome.  Judicious cropping directs the eye to the most interesting elements and in several cases provides more than one image from a given multiple exposure.

 By creating multiple exposures in the camera, I produced abstract images of complex layers and shades, in some cases suggesting translucent fabrics.  The overlaid layers of geometric shapes and the colour palette remind me of constructivist paintings of the early 20th century.”

 Jennifer Lamb

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Jennifer Lamb graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture with a Bachelor of Interior Design.  She worked in North Vancouver for over 27 years and lived there briefly before putting down roots in Vancouver. Since 2007, she has exhibited in solo, duo and group shows and fund-raising events.  Her images are available as prints, cards and in calendars, and have appeared in movies and television through the Art Rental programme of North Van Arts. Studying with master photographers improves Jennifer’s craft and deepens her ability to communicate her vision.  A 2018 class in Abstract Photography led to these abstract images that don’t reveal their subjects.

'Ombre' by Jennifer Lamb

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