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Journey of a Salmon
September 14 - October 13
CityScape Community Art Space
<b>Opening Reception</b> Thursday, September 13, 7 - 9 pm

This multi-disciplinary exhibition will explore and record the epic journey of salmon, engaging the viewer in an incredible story of life, death, and rebirth in British Columbia. Each year, salmon return to their place of birth, traversing the Pacific Ocean, up river rapids and streams to reproduce and then die, sustaining the flora and fauna of the temperate rainforest, and continuing the life cycle for their next generation.

The annual run of the salmon throughout the ocean, seas, and rivers of the Pacific North West are a vital component of our ecosystem, with marine life, birds, bears, and humans relying upon them as a primary food source. Journey of a Salmon will take a look at how pollution, overfishing, and the destruction of the salmon’s natural habitat are impacting their falling population.

Through installation, sculpture, painting, and fibre-based art, these artists will document the salmon’s story and their ecological and cultural significance within our region.

Participating Artists:
Fran Alexander, Lisa Figueroa, Linda Coe, Dorothy Doherty, Monica Gewurz, Dennis Greer, MaryJane Jessen, Debbie Katz, Gabrielle Maurus, Pilar Mehlis, Don Portelance, Christopher Smith, Tracie Stewart, Catherine Tableau, Margaret Witzsche,  Sangeon Yoo.


CULTURE DAYS EVENT – POETS IN THE KITCHEN: Based on his YouTube series, Poets in the Kitchen , Johnny D Trinh will invite guest artists to participate in a live cooking tutorial and art performance. | Saturday, September 29, 1 – 4pm | Free

CREATIVESCAPE: Details coming soon.