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Karen Massier and Margaret Campbell | District Foyer Gallery | Jan 17 – Mar 5
355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver
District Foyer Gallery
<b>HOURS </b> Monday - Friday: 8am-4:30pm
Karen Massier

Antarctica Explored is a series of photographs that Karen Massier took when she visited the continent last winter. Photographs of nature, multiple species of penguins, baby elephant seals, old abandoned Norwegian whaling stations and rusty equipment offer a glimpse of Karen’s experience with the wildness of Antarctica.
Karen Massier calls North Vancouver home and is an avid lover of the outdoors and travel. Over the past 40 years, she has developed her own style in capturing unique images of nature. Karen’s award-winning work has been featured in books, magazines, calendars and promotional materials.

Margaret Campbell

Margaret Campbell started working primarily with Soapstone after meeting world renowned sculptor Evelyne Brader-Frank. She finds inspiration and beauty in the wide variety of colour and uniqueness each of her soapstone pieces represents; each piece is a celebration and expression of the human form.
Each stone is selected based on size, quality, and colour. The raw stone is smoothed using various tools, carved, then sanded down to make it skin-smooth to the touch. Each piece is then wet sanded and finished with an oil for a lasting lustre and warm glow.
Margaret Campbell was born in Parry Sound, Ontario and recently moved to the North Shore.
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