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Katie Rodgers: Skyviews
May 29 - August 5
District Foyer Gallery

Rodgers’ documents her surroundings and takes inspiration in both everyday scenes and those more spectacular images from her travels.  This series is focused on capturing the beauty and lighting of several, particularly powerful viewpoints. The works in this exhibition are a study of how light, colour, and reflections can affect the viewer.  

Skyviews focuses on the Pacific and West Coast of BC. There are paintings of locations in North Vancouver and from Rodgers’ travels to the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, and Hawaii.

For me, the paintings represent an experience that I had at the time. Each one is attached to a specific point in time, a temperature, sound, and feeling. The paintings are also universal – using colours ranging from subtle tones to bold and including enough detail in the imagery to allow the viewer to reconnect with their experiences in those places.  The artwork is meant to remind the viewer of how they were affected emotionally by that time and space. 

Katie Rodgers