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1991: Kyle Parent
Monday, April 1 - Monday, June 3, 2019
City Atrium Gallery

The two pieces shown are topographical studies of important memories from Kyle Parent’s past. These memories have been merged together to form two organic shapes. While memories can be retrievable, some of the less important details can be lost over time, so as to create less structured recall. The memories are non-linear but still function to influence his life. There are sections within each formation, differentiating between the important events. There are, however, connecting lines that signal the inevitable influence from the past.

Kyle Parent is a teacher, a tailor, the son of a quilter, and a Vancouver-based textile artist. Before shifting his focus to quilting, Kyle worked in menswear, and had his own line of shirting. His relationship to sewing began at an early age while watching his mother sew. Working alongside her, Kyle has learned the techniques with which he explores his medium today. He blends these traditional methods with his background in tailoring.

Kyle Parent’s work engages with the contemporary role of textiles, emphasizing the mindful use of fabric in our lives. He recycles found and remnant fabric for his work, mapping out small-scale studies and considered colour palettes, then he blends tailoring techniques with an improvisational responsiveness to the materials.

This past September, Kyle was invited to participate in the Piecework Collective’s annual textile show in New York.