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Let It Rain!
March - June 2017
30 Locations Across North Vancouver

A community public art project by the North Vancouver Community Arts Council

[intro-text]Let It Rain! has come to the rain-soaked streets of North Vancouver. [/intro-text]

Look out for short, uplifting phrases of rain-activated art placed at bus stops and public gathering spaces. Words will appear when the ground gets wet – surprises to look forward to on a rainy day!

If you see a rainwork in North Vancouver, take a picture and let us know! Use the hashtag #LetItRain and tag @nvartscouncil on Twitter and Instagram.

Let It Rain! is inspired by the public art that Peregrine Church has been creating in Seattle, Washington. To see examples of his work and check out the Rainworks map, visit rain.works.

[press-button url=”https://northvanarts.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/LIR-Install_PR.pdf” target=”blank”] Press Release [/press-button]   Winning Phrases

Can you find all 30 rainworks?

The Installation Process:

Media Contact:

Tessa Cernik
Events & Development Manager
604-988-6844 | events[at]nvartscouncil.ca


Let It bRAINstorm! Workshops

Writing workshops were held in November 2015, with members of the North Shore Writers’ Association helping participants get the creative juices flowing with some rain and transit-inspired prompts. The winning submissions are: short, clear and concise; inspiring, uplifting or funny; a lighthearted consideration of serious issues in our community (transit and transportation) and conditions beyond our control (rainy, winter weather).

In partnership with the North Shore Writers’ Association.
Made possible through funding from the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver.

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