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Lynda Fownes: Windfall
March 24 - May 23, 2022
District Library Gallery

North Van Arts presents an exhibition by Lynda Fownes as part of its Art in the Community Programme.

Lynda Fownes’ earlier work focused on soft sculpture and fibre art. In recent year she has returned to the idea of exploring patterns and textures—in both choice of subject and use of acrylic media. For this show, she takes her inspiration from tree bark. Lynda started the series a few years ago when a friend came across some birch trees that had come down in a windstorm. He was taken by just how beautiful the bark was and couldn’t resist delivering a pile of torn-off pieces to Lynda thinking I would somehow use them.  She was indeed drawn to the wealth of pattern variation, such as old/young bark and inside/outside layers, that nature provides. In between other paintings, she returned to this series over the next two years, resulting in the current collection.

As a lover of texture, Lynda often combines layers of printed-paper and acrylic glazes to accentuate patterns in nature. These found pieces of bark and similar “bits” provide a starting place for a fruitful exploration. Regardless of subject or process, her aspiration is to look at unusual things with unusual eyes.

Artist’s Bio:

As a third generation North Vancouverite, Lynda is firmly rooted in the North Shore. She attended the University of British Columbia to become a teacher, and through courses in Art Education, it became clear that this was the area she would specialize in. While teaching art in North Vancouver high schools and raising a young family, Lynda continued studying, and eventually earned a Master of Art Education. She became a consultant visiting many BC school districts to introduce the new Art Curriculum to fellow professionals and administrators.

Life’s turn can be unexpected, and one abrupt change was the need to manage my family’s construction businesses; this in turn led to a leadership position involving the education of building trades apprentices and training other workplace educators. As a leading-edge initiative, creativity was a constant.

With working life behind her, Lynda has returned to painting with intensity and focus.

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