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Maxine Wolodko: Wild in the City
January 18, 2023 - April 18, 2023
The District Foyer Gallery (located at North Vancouver District Hall)

Artist Statement:

With my paintings, I seek to capture simple, beautiful moments I witness in everyday life. Painting is my way of
fully appreciating these ordinary moments before they can slip away and be forgotten.
The latest expression of this is a fascination with backyard birds and other small creatures in my everyday
surroundings. I feel a great appreciation for these animals that often go unnoticed in our everyday lives. Spending
time observing birds, squirrels, insects (and even pets) is an important part of my artistic process. Painting is a
way for me to extend these experiences and continue to feel the joy and appreciation of being there.
In addition to the creation of the artwork, I get great satisfaction when a viewer feels a similar connection to an
image as I do, or if the artwork reveals something special about common everyday experiences.


Maxine Wolodko was born in Edmonton and raised in rural Alberta. She has been drawing and painting since
childhood. Influences of her upbringing can be found in her paintings of small towns, farms, landscapes and
animals. Her artwork expresses a strong sense of community as well as an appreciation for ordinary, everyday
experiences. Maxine holds a BFA Degree from the University of Alberta and is an active member of the
Federation of Canadian Artists. She shows her artwork in various galleries, shops and restaurants throughout
Vancouver and surrounding area.