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Maya River: Paper Vivant
July 18 - October 15, 2024
The District Foyer Gallery (located at North Vancouver District Hall)
Art in the Community presents an exhibition by Maya River: Paper Vivant

Artist Statement and Short Biography

Maya River is a Vancouver-based sculptor whose work emerges from a deep connection to both nature and ancient traditions. Using recycled paper clay, she handcrafts tactile home decor, wearable art, and accent furniture, each piece shaped with fingertips, a well-worn spoon, and a knife. Her sculptures embody abstract forms, their organic textures inviting touch and exploration.

Maya’s creative process is a dialogue between the natural world and the stories of human history. Inspired by mythology, the rhythms of the landscape, and the echoes of ancient pottery, her work evokes a sense of timeless wonder. Each piece is a vessel, a conduit for the eternal cosmic energy that flows through all things.

Sustainability is at the heart of Maya’s practice. She sources post-consumer and biodegradable materials whenever possible, and her studio is a testament to her commitment to eco-friendly living. This dedication extends beyond her art, influencing her lifestyle choices, from biking through Vancouver’s scenic landscapes to nurturing a thriving garden and designing her home with sustainability in mind.

Maya’s artistic vision extends beyond mere aesthetics. Her creations are an invitation to engage with the world in a more mindful way, to find beauty in the everyday, and to rediscover the sacred connection between humans and the natural world.

Learn more about Maya River @papervivantart | https://papervivantart.com/