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Sleeping Letters by Neda Shojaei, ink on canvas
Neda Shojaei
January 23 - April 16, 2024
The District Foyer Gallery (located at North Vancouver District Hall)

Art in the Community presents an exhibition by Neda Shojaei.

Neda is a software engineer, project manager, achievement coach, and a talented artist born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She started her journey in calligraphy at the early age of 12, attending private classes in Tehran and obtaining certifications for different levels of calligraphy, including the prestigious ‘Momtaz’ level from the Iranian Calligraphers Association of Iran.


Art has always been an integral part of Neda’s life, and even upon immigrating to Canada with her family, she brought her cherished calligraphy tools — the ‘Ghalam Dorosht,’ a set of calligraphy tools traditionally crafted from Bamboo and ‘Davat,’ a specialized ink used in Persian calligraphy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she found a renewed connection with calligraphy and used it in modern calligraphy painting. Her exceptional talent was recognized when she won the SPECTRUM People’s Choice Award in 2021, offered by the West Vancouver Community Art Council.


Neda recently participated in a solo art show at Koja Cafe in August 2023 and a group exhibition at the Silk Purse Art Gallery in March 2023, where she showcased her incredible skills. Her artwork perfectly blends calligraphy, painting, and color, exuding a positive and poetic energy. Neda’s passion for empowering words and phrases is evident in her work, where she transforms traditional Persian calligraphy into bold, abstracted letterforms layered with gestural brushstrokes, bold swaths of color, and texture.


Neda’s artwork is a lyrical expression of hope, connection, and beauty, transcending language barriers to inspire people from all walks of life. Her pieces are not just mere works of art; they exude positivity and can evoke feelings of joy and inspiration in the viewer. Her artwork has a combination of passion, energy, and poetry. She has taken the traditional art of Persian calligraphy to vivid new directions, creating artwork that truly reflects her love for art and her unwavering spirit. Neda hopes her artwork will find hearts and homes with art lovers and collectors who appreciate her unique style and connect with her pieces in diverse ways.