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Empress by Anyuta Gusakova
New Forms Matter | CityScape Community Art Space
April 28 - June 3, 2017
Cityscape Community Art Space
<b>Opening Reception:</b> April 27 2017 | 7 - 9 pm

The Sculptors’ Society of BC celebrates how traditional and contemporary sculptural practices intersect by exploring bronze, stone, wood, fibre, and mixed media. Sculpture is an ever-expanding form of art, as new tools, techniques and technology have widened the scope of sculptural work.
This exhibition will feature the work of sculptors working in traditional themes derived from nature and portraiture cross-pollinated with our modern understanding of molecular structure and engineering to create new forms.  The best way to appreciate the contemporary art of sculpture is to see it up close.
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Suzy Birstein, Viven Chiu, Jean-Guy Dallaire, David Dumbrell, Sylvia Escobedo, James Fletcher, Anyuta Gusakova, Mark Hamilton, Richard Marcus, Claire Murgatroyd, Dona Nabata, Diane Roy Jesse Rubin, Dieter Schlatter, Linda Schmidt, Ron Simmer, Bill Thomson, David Walker, Louise Solecki Weir
The Sculptors’ Society of BC is a non-profit organization of professional sculptors dedicated to promoting sculpture in British Columbia. Through their exhibitions and other activities they raise public awareness of sculptors, their techniques and the themes of their work.
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