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Pushing Boundaries
October 8 - November 13, 2021
CityScape Community ArtSpace

Finding Our Place: Beading and Weaving our Culture Together

Guest Curator:  Adele ᒪᐢᑿᓱᐏᐢᑵᐤ Arseneau

Participating Arists: Adele ᒪᐢᑿᓱᐏᐢᑵᐤ Arseneau, Nathalie Bertin, Naomi Bourque, Salisha Old Bull, Melody Markle, Michelle Sound

There is medicine in every fibre woven, every stitch made and every bead placed. The intentionality of these acts reminds us of how we are all connected and that even the smallest details have a place and are required. These teachings help connect us with our identity, our families, our history, and our strength in navigating current society. Like the fibres spun together, we are stronger when we find our place in community and as the beads in a mosaic, we can shine when we are placed in the right situations. Adele ᒪᐢᑿᓱᐏᐢᑵᐤ Arseneau

Virtual Exhibition

Finding Our Place: Beading and Weaving our Culture Together is an example of living culture. The items on display are not only beautiful but are inherently functional objects. They are used in the day-to-day, but also carry within them teachings for the younger generations. Part of the purpose of this exhibition is to relocate Indigenous culture, particularly weaving and beading in the now, Often this type of work is placed in a historical context, we are taught it belongs somewhere between the Stone Age and the Mesopotamians. This mindset asserts an authenticity in the past, but an erasure of current living cultures. Through this exhibition the curator hopes to address this dominant perspective and bring this history into the current day. 

Pushing Boundaries: In Conversation


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