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Robin Gleason: What Will Happen to Summer?
June 5 - Sept 9, 2019
City Atrium Gallery

What Will Happen to Summer? – a question I have often asked myself in my year spent in British Columbia and the American West. As temperatures rise and the fire season expands and intensifies, I wonder how our relationship to summer will evolve. This work stems from visits to burn sites where I collect and study fragments of charred bark, quiet remnants of violent events. I spend time with these compiled scraps, marveling in their details and complexities. Through gestures of drawing, printmaking, cutting and stacking, I attempt to mimic these forms with my own hand. This installation, it’s simultaneous strength and vulnerability, is meant to parallel the precarious nature of our current moment.

Robin Gleason is a Vancouver based interdisciplinary artist whose work is rooted in a lifelong fascination with the natural world. Originally from coastal Maine, she received a BA in Studio Art from Colorado College in 2013 with a focus in drawing and printmaking. After graduating, she lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she taught a variety of art classes and maintained an independent art practice. In 2017 she moved to Vancouver, BC to obtain her MFA at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, graduating in the spring of 2019. While at Emily Carr her practice evolved and expanded to include elements of sculpture, installation and assemblage. She has participated in numerous group shows in Jackson Hole and Vancouver.